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Retirement Plans

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Flexible Business Retirement Plans

Attract & Retain the Best Talent with comprehensive retirement packages.

Offering retirement benefits can help business owners attract and retain the best talent. Research suggests that employees place high value on comprehensive retirement packages with 44% of workers reporting it is extremely important to them to have a job that offers an employer-sponsored retirement program.  

Having an experienced team on your side can help determine the most beneficial combination of retirement plans for your business and take on the fiduciary responsibilities while reducing legal exposure associated with qualified retirement plans. The reality of implementing and managing retirement plans can be challenging with a number of federal requirements plan sponsors must meet as well as detailed reports they need to provide to the government.

We can help you create and manage the right retirement plan for your company’s needs, handling the design, implementation, and management of qualified retirement plans, non-qualified plans, and employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).

The Right Retirement Plan for Your Business

Invest in Benefits that Help You & Your Employees Plan for a Future of Financial Security.

Qualified Retirement Plans

Your business can build pre-tax, creditor-protected retirement wealth for you and your employees. Qualified retirement plans include 401Ks, profit-sharing plans, and pension plans. These plans are limited in design flexibility, per ERISA.

Part of Capital Planning Advisors’ role in working with you to design and manage these plans is assuming the investment responsibility as the ERISA Fiduciary of the plan.

Unlike other firms, Capital Planning Advisors’ investment plan due diligence is performed by our in-house investment management team and Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs).

Non-Qualified Retirement Plans

Non-qualified retirement plans are designed to carve out executive benefits, permitting discriminatory funding to a company’s key employees and management while often containing extended vesting schedules to help motivate and retain the company’s key employees.

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