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Our Story

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Lasting, Informed Relationships

Customized advice & investment management leads to compelling progress.

Capital Planning Advisors was founded in 2006 when the team was a dba of NFP Advisory Services. In 2014 we created our own Registered Investment Adviser under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to free ourselves of the conflicts present in the wirehouse business model and to better meet the unique needs of  individuals and businesses in the Sacramento area.

The financial inner workings of families and business often require more advanced expertise than many wealth management firms offer. Capital Planning Advisors was founded to specifically serve the multi-faceted family, business, and legacy financial needs of families and closely held businesses.

The best way to meet these needs? With a highly credentialed, experienced, differentiated team-based approach. Nearly 20 years later, that mission continues to drive the expansion of our firm’s services and support with an ever-growing knowledge base from our carefully selected and highly skilled team of industry veterans. 

As a team, we use our collective experience to deliver creative, integrated financial solutions tailored to each client’s circumstances.

Today, Capital Planning Advisors is a thriving Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm serving individuals, families, businesses, and institutional clients with comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services.

While we are based in the Sacramento area, our reach and relationships extend throughout the United States. Our team understands that each client has unique short-term needs and long-term goals, so we work closely with clients to guide, educate, advise, and manage their investments.

We Serve a Limited Number of Clients

prioritized & focused on creating informed & lasting relationships.

Our clients are incredible. From different backgrounds, many are successful business owners, executives, or entrepreneurs. Because of their success, our clients have meaningful wealth and their family financial and business needs are often complex in nature.

Our commitment to excellence in client relationships demands we truly understand our clients’ personal goals, financial and business circumstances, investment objectives, tax issues, and tolerance for risk.

Every recommendation hinges on our team’s due diligence to curate and customize specific solutions for each client’s needs and objectives.