At Capital Planning Advisors, we leverage independent, institutional-quality investment research and tools to build custom-tailored portfolios centered on your specific goals and objectives. Our highly experienced team of investment professionals constructs globally diversified, risk-balanced portfolios and manages your assets with a personalized tax and cash flow plan in mind.

Investment management is a dynamic process in a constantly evolving environment. The strategic asset allocation contained in each client Investment Policy Statement serves as a foundational road map as we implement opportunistic and defensive tactical shifts throughout a market cycle.

We base our broad investment thesis on objective macroeconomic and fundamental data, and then incorporate technical and factor analysis to express that view through an appropriate asset allocation in each client portfolio. Investment ideas and vehicles are subjected to a rigorous proprietary screening process using institutional tools that help us identify potential portfolio impacts and value contribution. From there, we actively monitor and adjust portfolio risk exposures as the market environment evolves over time.

Tax-efficiency matters. Our team proactively utilizes a number of tax-optimization techniques ranging from tax-efficient security selection to household asset-location strategies and active tax-loss harvesting. Importantly, we can strategize and coordinate with your tax counsel ensuring your team of advisors is working together for your benefit.

You have worked hard to build your wealth – our priority is to preserve it and then to grow it, responsibly.