Whether seeking to protect your family from the loss of your income upon your death, funding a buy-sell agreement for business succession purposes, or creating tax-free liquidity through insurance to provide for estate taxes on personal wealth, or a substantial illiquid family business, life insurance can provide valuable liquidity during challenging times. Our team brings expert analysis, design and implementation of insurance programs to help meeting your financial liquidity needs.

Disability Insurance

What is your most valuable asset? Unless you are already retired, or have reached a place of financial independence, it is likely your ability to generate income. Disability insurance is valuable protection for the loss of your income associated with sickness, accident or injury. Our team brings expertanalysis of current coverage, design and implementation of personal and corporate sponsored disability programs.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Advances in medicine are affording our population longer life expectancies, however are not necessarily allowing us to live in senior years without independence challenges. The costs associated with the delivery of Long-Term Care can be significant, whether in the home, facility, or medical assisted care. These costs are largely not tax-deductible and often result in the deterioration of personal net worth, and can pinch the ongoing income of a healthy spouse faced with the challenge of paying for care for the spouse in need of assistance. Our team provides expert guidance in the design of personal and corporate tax-deductible sponsored Long-Term Care programs.